Born on 26 April 1983 in Osaka, HAJIMETAL rose to prominence as a member of the punk band Midori, which he joined in 2004 as keyboardist. After Midori split at the end of 2010, he formed the band Daredemo Esper with Jun Matsue and Kensuke Nishiura, and Ryoma Maeda & Romantic Suiciders with Ryoma Maeda and Shigeyuki Kimura. 

He recently produced the music for the movie ‘Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiin da ga.’ (‘What’s Going on With My Sister?’) 

HAJIMETAL has written music for a variety of artists such as SCANDAL, as well as undertaking a wide range of activity such as sound production, live support, background music for commercials, DJ appearances and speaking engagements. 

Homepage http://hajimetal.jimdo.com

Twitter   https://twitter.com/hajimetal

2015/8/26,NEW SOLO ALUBM ”SUPER SOLO 2 ”is released





Of course ,new album on international iTunes.

Key word is "ハジメタル" "SUPER SOLO 2" song  title (ex   Hardcore Summer Vacation , GIRI GAL)"

Rie Kaneko Experiences Shibuya Heartbreak in the MV for Hajimetal’s “GIRI GAL”




  1. 1  Introduction

  2. 2  Hardcore Summer Vacation

  3. 3  GIRI GAL

  4. 4  Love & Peace Generation

  5. 5  Ewige Wiederkehr

  6. 6  Life is like a roller coaster

  7. 7 The End Of Nostalgia

All Songs Written,Arranged,Performed and  Produced by HAJIMETAL

Additional Musicians:

“Hardcore  Summer  Vacation”   ”  Life is like a roller coaster”                                                                    


“Hardcore  Summer  Vacation”  “GIRI GAL” “Love & Peace Generation”   ”  Life is like a roller coaster”         Vo:金子理江

“Hardcore  Summer  Vacation “                                                                                                              

 Poem: hiroponn(ex.無職)


Mixed by 井上勇司(CROSS ROAD STUDIO)

Mastered by 砂原良徳 

Artwork by 大槻香奈


Self-written liner notes 

SUPER SOLO 2’ is an album that wrings explosive chaos from throwing together the clashing styles of noise and pop. And yet, in the end it is an album that will envelop you in something warm and gentle. 

The biggest change since my previous album, ‘SUPER SOLO’, is the addition of human voices in amongst the inorganic electronic music – from the poetry reading of a 42-year-old unemployed man to the boundless possibilities and innocence of a 17-year-old girl, and further to the warm embrace of a sweet motherly voice. Throw into the mix the voices exhumed from an old cassette tape of my grandmother before she passed away and of young children, and you find an approach you might call eccentric. 

About each song

#1       "Introduction"

Beginning with a disturbing bass synth, this song features samples from a cassette tape over 20 years old, with the voice of my grandmother and the conversation of children. Gradually the noise grows greater, the tape suddenly stops, and we are transported to the present. This is the beginning of the story.


#2         "Hardcore Summer Vacation"

The first song to be completed, and an integral part of the album. All of the guest vocalists on the album appear on this track. Mishio Ogawa crosses a wide spectrum, her performance expressing tenderness, madness and sexiness; partway though, she is joined by Rie Kaneko murmuring the title, ‘Hardcore Summer Vacation’, and a spoken-word poem recited eerily by hiroponn. The blending of these three voices results in a distorted summer song.


#3          "GIRI GAL"

Lyrics by HAJIMETAL. To a cheating boyfriend, the girlish Rie Kaneko laments, “I’ll never attain your perfect score. Me, I’m a dropout!” And yet even through her depression, she devilishly chides, “I’ll have a new sweetheart before you can turn around!” As modulation follows modulation and the rhythm expands, you might say that the sound is influenced by the recent J-pop idol boom. Rie Kaneko’s voice, while lacking polish, shows immense potential. 


#4           "Love & Peace Generation"

“Embrace peace, shake your head, generation!!” The refrain is pleasant; the song is venomous.


#5            "Ewige Wiederkehr"

The title refers to Nietzsche’s interpretation of Eternal Recurrence. Dedicated to a younger me, on a Sunday at dawn, drop-dead drunk on Shibuya’s Center-Gai street.


#6            "Life is like a roller coaster"

Life is like a roller coaster. Haven’t you ever thought so? Running throughout life like an endlessly revolving lantern – that is what this song is about. As she whispers the title, Mishio Ogawa puts the colorful tone of her voice to perfect use. Cutely sighing “Take me” in the middle of the song is Rie Kaneko.

#7             "The End Of Nostalgia "

Over a piano phrase that was recorded in an instant three years ago at yearend, a sprinkling of Prophet-5 synthesizer is joined by a collage of radio noise and so on. My aim was to express nostalgia through music.

English Translation By Daniel Robson